The Taste Blog :: Engaging Marketing

The website and blog are officially up and running! It’s an exciting time here at the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce as we are counting down the days until the 12th Annual Taste of Lakewood!

To help spread the word about the event and create a lasting impression, the Chamber partnered with Convey360, a visual communication, branding and design firm. Cindy Lowrey, the company’s owner and creative director, has worked tirelessly to put our event brand together. She’s helped create our website, marketing materials, social media images, and more. It’s been a joy to work with her and to help create a cohesive and memorable event brand.

The Taste of Lakewood logo, seen throughout the website and on all marketing materials, features classic Lakewood colors and a fresh design. Throughout the coming weeks, we hope you’ll be seeing more of this logo when dining out around Lakewood. If you see the logo, share it with us on Instagram (@TasteofLakewood)!

In GOOD FOOD and community,