The Taste Food Tour :: Aladdin’s Eatery

As you can imagine, eating my way through my favorite restaurants has been so fun, but SO filling! For my next stop on The Taste Food Tour, I opted for a lighter lunch at a restaurant right in the heart of downtown Lakewood, Aladdin’s Eatery.  Located directly across the street from Lakewood Hospital, Aladdin’s has become a favorite lunch break for those who work in the area, as well as those who are looking to add a little Mediterranean flavor into their day.

This was definitely not my first time eating at Aladdin’s, as it has become one of my go-to spots with family and friends.  The large windows that line the storefront allow natural light to flow through, making this a peaceful place to sit and have thoughtful conversations over kale smoothies or a shared Pita Pitza.

While ordering, I always find it difficult not to make my meal based entirely off of appetizers, as there are multiple options that include plenty of food to share between friends.  This time, we opted to order their tabouli. The tabouli tasted amazingly fresh, from the chopped parsley to the olive oil and lemon juice.  Piled on top of a soft pita, this cool dish paired perfectly with the warm, sunny weather we’ve been seeing this week.

For my main dish, I chose my regular order of an Aladdin’s Kabob Rolled.  As usual, I was not disappointed.  The lean beef, tomatoes and green peppers are served right off the grill and then drizzled with creamy Tahini yogurt dressing, allowing all of these different flavors to come together seamlessly.  Roll it in a pita with greens, turnips and pickles to give it a slightly tart kick, and your taste buds are done for.

Aladdin’s Eatery has so many options to choose from, the combinations seem endless.  What are your favorite dishes to order from this Mediterranean spot? Anything you’re looking forward to seeing them serve up June 1st? Let us know, and catch up with Aladdin’s at the Taste of Lakewood this Sunday!

In GOOD FOOD and community,