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It’s crazy to think that when I was 6-7 years old I refused to eat pizza. I didn’t want to eat any of it, not even the crust. Angelo’s Pizza changed all of that quickly.

As a kid, it was a hard feat for my parents to get me to eat anything with cheese on it. One day they ordered a bacon and pepperoni pizza from Angelo’s and told me if I had an entire slice, I would be able to have anything I wanted for dessert. Much to their surprise, I had the entire piece and two more! I didn’t have any room for dessert. What in the world was I so afraid of? Especially Angelo’s Pizza? Are you kidding me?

Since then, my family and I have ordered Angelo’s delivery every few weeks on a Friday as a “TGIF” treat for the house. We usually order two large pizzas (two growing boys in the house means that they get a whole pizza by themselves…plus a couple pieces from a second pizza). We mix between a pepperoni/bacon and a sausage/pepperoni mix. We add in hot chicken wings here and there depending on who is home. Every pizza comes with your choice of deep dish or original crust. My family alternates between the two but my personal favorite is the deep dish pizza. So good and so filling. Click here for the restaurant/take-out menu.

I have been into their restaurant just a few times, but each time it’s fantastic. The service is quick and helpful, but the food is the star. From their salads to the pasta, it’s all GOOD.

Like I mentioned before, it really is a treat to have Angelo’s. They are masters of their craft and take care to make sure you’re getting the best service and meal around. No wonder they have won so many local and regional awards for their food.

Have you been in Angelo’s anytime recently? What did you order and what would you recommend?

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Photo credit:, Angelo’s Pizza website