The Taste Food Tour :: Barrio

A few weeks ago I decided to celebrate “Taco Tuesday.” I stopped in for some outrageously delicious Mexican food at Barrio – the third stop on our Taste Food Tour!

If you haven’t been to Barrio, first, you must go, second, I will explain the system here – Located on Madison Avenue between Arthur and Lakeland, Barrio stands as Madison’s west side taqueria. They’re known for their make-your-own tacos, tequila, whiskey, and guacamole (my kind of heaven). You have the option to choose everything you want on your taco down to the shell. Many, many options which can satisfy anyone’s palette, from those who love everything spicy to those who may appreciate a taco with less of a bite. Eat several of the same taco or create different ones (especially if you want to try out new sauces, veggies, meats, or shells). Each table comes with a few pads of meal order sheets. Grab one to start creating your own special lunch or dinner.

I enjoy spicy food, so I went with a hard shell chicken taco with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, guacamole, and extra Barrio Secret Sauce. Recommendation – Get the Barrio Secret Sauce on everything, it’s outstanding. It took me a while to decide what I wanted because they have so many options! Every time I visit I try something new or try a variation on a favorite. What’s your “mix” at Barrio? Anything to recommend?

Make sure to get yourself a margarita (if you are 21 or over). I couldn’t pass up the “El Diablo” – A sweet but spicy margarita rimmed with cayenne pepper which paired nicely with the three tacos I ordered.

While you’re lovin’ on your tacos, make sure to check out the eclectic artwork on the walls. You’ll find something  unique in the artwork each time you visit. The artwork adds to the lively and social atmosphere of the restaurant. Barrio is constantly bustling, so get your seat early to beat the dinner rush.

Well, would you look at the date?! What’s more appropriate than posting this on Cinco de Mayo?! Hope your celebrations are safe and fun. Did you go to Barrio for the Cinco de Mayo holiday? Share your photos with us on Instagram (#TasteofLakewood), we’d love to see them!

In GOOD FOOD and community,