The Taste Food Tour :: Burgers 2 Beer May24


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The Taste Food Tour :: Burgers 2 Beer

I previously have mentioned that I love burgers. Good burgers. Fresh ones, not greasy, sitting-for-hours-under-heat-lamps, fast-food burgers. I dig burgers so much that I keep a mental tally of which local restaurants have “burger nights” and which and where my favorite burgers are in greater Cleveland.

Lakewood’s new Burgers 2 Beer has one of those nights. Mondays. What better way to kick off the start of a long work week than with a $6 burger (with the purchase of a beverage)? I like to think of it as a gift at the end of what was probably a long, long Monday.

B2B founder Elie Chamoun opened his Lakewood location in November in the historic Bailey Building, 14725 Detroit Avenue, in the former Cerino’s location at the corner of Detroit and Warren Road. The locally owned restaurant joins other full-service locations in Highland Heights, Solon and, soon, Concord. It also has an “express” shop near Cleveland State on Euclid Avenue.

I’m no stranger to the Lakewood B2B. I visited early on when it first came to town. (I mean, really, it has BURGER in its name, so how could I not?)

And, I and other members of the Lakewood Congregational Church choir often stop and share appetizers here after our Thursday night rehearsals during choir season. B2B serves food as late as 10 p.m. on weeknights (a must for us choir folk because rehearsals don’t end until 9:15 p.m.).

But, for some reason, I haven’t made it to official burger night until recently. The family and I went for dinner between evening activities not realizing it was burger night. Made our choice even better.

The menu offers 22 specialty burgers, plus the “Simple Susan,” the build-your-own option that offers a ton of toppings and sauces a la carte for those who like it how they like it.  Each month they have a burger of the month, too. May’s burger is the “Taco Loco,” which includes tiny tacos, cheddar, jalapenos, lettuce, tomatoes and side of chipotle ranch. B2B also has a huge craft beer list (bottles and drafts), creative cocktails and what I’m told are great milkshakes.

I’ll confess: Massive menus simultaneously delight and confound me. I love that I have all sorts of interesting choices, but when it comes to picking something and ordering, that’s another story. I’m an overthinker, panic at the last moment and too often choke and repeat order a favorite. I then promise myself I won’t do that again.

In the past, I’ve ordered the “Good, Bad and Ugly,” a burger topped with BBQ sauce, honey-peppered bacon, onion straws, cheddar and lettuce/tomato. Always one of my favorite combinations, hold the tomato. Always hold the tomato. On this most recent visit, I decided to get wild and crazy and go really old school with the “Particular Patty,” a classic patty melt with a side of fries. Yum.

Scott (usually the healthiest eater of the bunch) had the “One Tough Turkey,” a ½ lb. of seasoned ground turkey breast served on a whole grain bun with provolone, roasted red pepper mayo and lettuce and tomato. Evan lived on the edge and had the “Krafty,” topped with roasted red pepper, mac n’ cheese, and a slice of cheddar cheese. He most often goes for whimsy in his ordering.

Two off-the-wall combos that caught our eyes for future consideration were The Luther, served on a glazed donut bun, topped with bacon and cheddar; and the “Eiffle Toast,” served on French toast with American cheese, bacon and a fried egg, with a side of maple syrup.

All burgers are made from B2B’s own blend of 100 percent grass-fed beef, with turkey and black bean options available. B2B also serves a bison burger and a salmon burger, as well as a variety of wraps, sandwiches, salads and gourmet hot dogs. Gluten-free and whole wheat buns are available for a small upcharge.

Happy Hour runs Tuesday through Saturday, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., while wing nights are on Wednesdays. If you’re going for just appetizers and a drink, the LCC choir will tell you they often wind up ordering an extra basket of the homemade chips with parmesan-pepper dipping sauce. Even two don’t last long with that crew.

In GOOD FOOD and community,