The Taste Food Tour :: Humble Wine Bar Apr07


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The Taste Food Tour :: Humble Wine Bar

If you’re looking for a full-course, white-napkin-and-tablecloth formal dinner, then Humble Wine Bar isn’t the place for you.

But, if you have a hankering for great wines, creative drinks, small plates and some most-excellent wood-fired pizzas served with casual sophistication, you’ve come to the right place.

The restaurant, at 15400 Detroit Ave., sits across the street from the Lakewood Public Library, a rather strategic spot on summer Friday nights when the library holds its Front Porch Concert Series that showcases local bands. It’s a great spot to grab some food and drink and enjoy the music through the restaurant’s open front and patio.

Humble – a sister restaurant to the popular Deagan’s gastropub just east on Detroit Avenue, calls itself a “simple, approachable wine bar.” I call it a steady go-to for an evening out. We easily can walk to it on a whim, as we often do, and always enjoy the food, service and cozy atmosphere. And, its dynamic and every evolving  wine list and adventurous cocktail menu, the latter known as “Fancy Drinks,” always has something that catches our eyes. The list changes frequently.

On a recent spontaneous visit, I had a glass of fruity tempranillo while Scott went for pint of one of the local craft beers on tap. We’re no strangers to the small plates menu, and while it does change seasonally, it seems the Roasted Brussels Sprouts often remain a constant. Good. After years of believing I hated those cute little baby cabbages, no thanks to my grandmother’s soggy Thanksgiving preparation in a canned cream of mushroom soup casserole, I have realized over the past year years that I love them.

Humble’s small plate of these roasted beauties doesn’t disappoint. Not a drop of mushroom soup to be found. Instead you get a shareable serving, roasted with shallots, pancetta and parmesan and drizzled with a zesty apple-cider vinaigrette.

We decided to stick to a vegetable theme that evening, ordering a second small plate of roasted artichokes and a spinach and brie pizza to share. The artichokes come with sundried tomato goat cheese and prosciutto, served alongside tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs in a lemon-oil dressing. The pizza, the first time we tried this one, included roasted garlic, mozzarella, provolone, pine nuts and truffle oil in addition to the main ingredients in its name.

Over the years, we’ve found other pizza favorites – the spicy sopressata (Evan’s usual order), a heavenly mushroom pizza, a chicken pesto and the decadent lardo, which features salted, cured pork fat, roasted garlic, fontina and taleggio cheeses and rosemary.

I’m looking forward to summer in hopes the folks at Humble bring back the pimiento cheese-stuffed peppadew small plate and the red and white sangria. You can’t go wrong with either variety.  In the winter, I’ve enjoyed the seasonal Apple Crisp cocktail, a tasty mix of Columbus, Ohio-based Watershed vodka, spiced simple syrup, apple cider and bubbly prosecco.

Oh, and don’t forget to save room for dessert, a mistake I make all too frequently because I frontload on starters. Like its sister, Deagan’s, Humble offers an intriguing list of beautiful sweets to end a meal or to enjoy during one of those Front Porch concerts across the street.

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