The Taste Food Tour :: India Garden

If you’ve been following along on my Taste Food Tour, you’ve known by now that I greatly enjoy spicy food. Anything with a kick I’ll enjoy. A few days ago I acted on my craving for spice and found myself venturing to the west side of Lakewood. Tucked away on west Detroit sits India Garden, a true diamond in the rough.

I brought along my brother and his best friend who both have never tried Indian food. I wanted to experience this with them and to show them how amazing India Garden is.

My brother, coming from the same gene pool, enjoyed the spicy food –  and loved that he could pick the heat level. He chose a 7 while I chose an 8 (Levels range from 0 – no spice- to 10 – extremely spicy). We sampled several possible dishes on India Garden’s Taste of Lakewood menu. While I do not know exactly what the restaurant will bring to the Taste, I can tell you that what they will sell is going to be out of this world.

We sampled the Samosas – flaky pastry shells filled with potatoes, peas and mildly spiced. A great appetizer with substance – It almost filled me up! We then ventured to the main course, Chicken Tikka Masala – tender pieces of chicken, marinated with special ingredients, cooked with fresh onion, tomatoes, and spices. Tender chicken packed with heat. The veggies made a nice, balanced touch. In addition, we enjoyed the Chana Masala – chickpeas cooked delicately with fresh onions and spices. I’m a big fan of chickpeas (hummus, anyone?), especially by themselves. They’re a great superfood and are packed with healthy goodness. I took a larger portion than the boys did – it was too good to let them have it all!

I turned the boys into believers. They loved the food! My brother took home two to-go boxes…both were gone later that night!

We sampled two additional plates, but I’ll leave you all hanging until Sunday. Maybe India Garden will bring the mystery dishes? Until then, check out the picture associated with this blog. Try to figure out which two additional dishes we sampled!

3 more days until the Taste of Lakewood. Get hungry or miss out!

In GOOD FOOD and community,