The Taste Food Tour :: KB Confections

Second stop on the The Taste Food Tour!

When I had the opportunity to visit KB Confections, my sweet tooth got the best of me again.

It was my first time entering the bake shoppe and my eyes were drawn to the whimsical, finely decorated cupcakes and cakes which line the inner perimeter of the entrance. It’s a literal feast for the eyes, as well as taste buds, and deserves visits from everyone who hasn’t seen the place.

Karen Bosworth, the shoppe’s owner, greeted me with a big, bright smile and asked what I would like. After discussing my favorite flavors (peanut butter, raspberry, chocolate), she guided me towards their version of a Girl Scout Samoa, a raspberry cupcake, and an apple crumble. I had to buy all three items, it’s just the right thing to do when your sweet tooth calls.

The KB Confections version of the Girl Scout Samoa is unbelievable. The pastry is much larger than the original Samoa treat, instead, the KB version is stuffed with yummy coconut and chocolate with a light cookie on the bottom. I hope this is a normal item on the menu.

The raspberry cupcake was delightfully decorated in a light pink frosting and yellow cake. A perfect dessert for any meal or a “just-because” snack. Light but full of flavor. If you enjoy raspberries, you must have one yourself. Have you tried a KB Confections cupcake? What’s your favorite?

I ate the apple crumble as a breakfast the next morning. Paired with a cup of Joe – AHHmazing. Rich apple flavor with some gentle cinnamon tones. A very hearty hand-crafted crumble.

KB Confections is known for their artfully crafted cakes and desserts, but also for their espresso bar. Have you stopped by for a morning pick-me-up? I’m due for a stop-by soon…and to take a gaze at all of the deliciousness that is KB Confections.

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