The Taste Food Tour :: Pepper’s Italian Restaurant

As the clouds rolled in tonight, I opted to take my 6th stop on The Taste Food Tour as carry out, and picked up some Pepper’s Italian on the way home.  Nestled on the corner of Detroit and Ridgewood Avenue, this family owned restaurant has the cozy feel that’s perfect for a date or a night out with good friends.

While Pepper’s is well known for generous portions of amazing pasta (try the ravioli, you can thank me later), we opted for a few pizzas off of their specialty menu.  The service was friendly and they even took extra time to check with the kitchen on just how quickly our pies would be ready, too nice! When we arrived to pick up our orders it took us no time at all to grab our pizzas and head back to the car quickly, allowing us to curl up on the couch with our good eats right as the rain began to fall.

We decided that we were in the mood for the Deluxe as well as the Margherita, figuring it was a good balance for both the carnivores and the veggie lovers in the family.  

The Deluxe had about every topping you could dream of, including their mouth-watering Italian sausage and pepper rings that added just the right amount of kick. Throw all that together on their amazing dough made fresh daily and you’ll be fighting the urge to eat the whole thing!

On the lighter side, the Margherita pizza was truly out of this world.  As a self proclaimed meat-lover, I could have ordered this for just myself and never missed the pepperoni! The way the fresh mozzarella melted on top of sliced tomatoes was to die for, but didn’t make you feel as if you’d be guilty for eating so much later. This will definitely be on my list of what to order next time.

After enjoying a few of our favorite slices paired with a glass of wine, we were in Italian heaven.  What are your favorite dishes from this Lakewood food staple? What are you hoping to see them bring to the Taste of Lakewood this Sunday? I encourage you to stop by their booth on June 1st if you haven’t given them a try and taste what you’ve been missing!

In GOOD FOOD and community,