The Taste Food Tour :: The Root Cafe

A major movement has been happening across Northeast Ohio – sustainability, veganism, vegetarianism, and an eco-mindset. More and more these days, people are wanting to know how their purchase at a store or restaurant will affect their bodies, neighborhoods, and the world. One of Lakewood’s own cafes, The Root Cafe, has been a leader in the area by providing vegan/gluten-free/vegetarian/organic products including desserts, cookies, coffees, and teas. We are proud of organizations such as these who help make our communities more in-tune with the environment and overall health.

The Root Cafe is always bustling with people coming in and out drinking coffee after coffee, tea after tea. While I’ve been a customer of “The Root” for a while now, I’ve made more trips recently now that I’m drinking coffee more often (thank you, adult life). The Root is a great place for a morning cup of Joe, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a nighttime tea. The openness of the space and the relaxing feel make it a wonderful place to get work done or sit back and smell the coffee.

My go-to drink is a medium iced coffee with soy milk, no cream or sugar. Just the basics. Nice drink to have around this time of year now that the weather is warmer. Another great drink I go for during the winter months is a hot chai tea. Wonderfully made and tastes divine.

For breakfast or a quick snack I enjoy the Sunburst Morning Muffin – wheat germ, oat bran, whole oats, milk, eggs, safflower oil, flour, brown sugar, orange juice, and fresh cranberries. Keeps me full and energized. For a list of their items and drinks, click here.

Another fantastic portion of their business is the support they show to local artists and musical talents. Art is for sale throughout the shoppe – very unique pieces ranging from oil paintings to photography. A listing on their website shows tons of musical talents weekly. It’s worth a visit to The Root not only for their food and drinks, but for the entertainment and awe of it all.

I’m hoping The Root brings some fantastic vegan muffins to the Taste. What are you hoping they’ll bring?

Reminder – 2 more days until the Taste of Lakewood! Be there or be hungry!

In GOOD FOOD and community,