The Taste Food Tour :: Salt+ Apr10


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The Taste Food Tour :: Salt+

This Taste of Lakewood season, I realize I have had two underlying themes in most of my blogs – brunch and soup. My first visit to Salt+ a restaurant focused on the former.

There’s just something appealing to me about brunch. Lunch food. Breakfast food. Two different meals hanging out together. And Salt does it well. So well, in fact, that I struggled to decide what to eat – something breakfasty from the brunch selections or one of the small plates that also can be found on Salt’s dinner menu.

So my brunch buddy Laura and I decided to try both. We had just finished a yoga class and needed fuel.

Salt specializes in “composed small plates, killer cocktails and unique wines…creating an experience around sharing small plates so you can experience food again.”

And, experience it we did – with a couple of those killer cocktails, two brunch dishes and a small plate our server recommended. We shared that. We didn’t share our brunch dishes much more than a single bite each.


But, first, the libations. En route, I had toyed with going old school and having a mimosa, but one look at Salt’s cocktail list changed my mind. Our server noted the special “punch” of the day was a ginger margarita. Sounded refreshing, but once I noticed the Top Dogg on the cocktails list, I knew I had to have it.

What’s a Top Dogg? It’s the perfect fruity drink to accompany brunch. Salt blends spiced run, Cointreau, blueberry puree, pineapple, citrus and simple Syrup, served on the rocks in an old-fashioned glass.

Shrimp and Grits

Laura got Blue. No, not sad. The drink. Blanco tequila, Cointreau, crème de violet and house sour, served in a coupe glass. Absolutely gorgeous. Almost too pretty to drink. The key word? Almost.

Laura knew almost immediately after looking at the menu what she wanted. Shrimp and grits, but not just any shrimp and grits. Bacon-wrapped shrimp on a bed of maple-cheddar grits with house hot sauce.

I often say I need a menu with only two choices on it – something I love and something I don’t like. Then I don’t have to agonize over and overthink the selections.

Salt’s brunch menu caused some agony – in a good way. I knew I wanted a brunch dish as my main meal but I debated back and forth over the short-rib sweet potato hash or the banana pancakes with cinnamon butter and maple syrup.

White Bean Puree

Savory? Or sweet? Decisions. Decisions.

I wound up going savory. Perfectly tender short ribs mixed with sweet potato hash and topped with an egg done to specifications. In my case, perfectly overeasy.

We also shared the white bean puree, a smooth, flavorful dip topped with mashed olives and served with amazing grilled bread from Lakewood’s own Blackbird Baking Company.

I’m proud to say we both earned Clean-Plate Club points that morning. None of our dishes lasted long. And, I’m already pondering my next trip to Salt. I’m guessing Laura is, too.

In GOOD FOOD and community,