The Taste Food Tour :: The Sweet Spot

Let’s kick off the Taste of Lakewood Food Tour starting with a sweet and flavorful treat!

I made my way down Detroit Road during the month of March to check out the eateries participating in the Taste of Lakewood. I found myself giving in to my sweet tooth and entering The Sweet Spot (17804-06 Detroit Road, Lakewood, Ohio 44107, across the street from the Beck Center for the Arts), home to some outrageously delicious pistachio gelato (One of the top 50 things to eat or drink in Cleveland voted on by Friday Magazine).

I walked through the little storefront and was greeted by two friendly, smiling faces. Upon mentioning this was my first time visiting, Celeste, the gelato shop’s owner, asked me if I came in that day to get a free scoop of gelato. Free scoop? What?! She said, “It’s the first day of Spring, so we’re celebrating! We’re tired of the cold!” Fair enough and greatly understood. I’m always going to accept free gelato.

I asked Celeste which flavor was most popular, to which she replied, “pistachio, strawberry, vegan chocolate, there’s a lot of popular choices. It depends on what your palette likes.” I am always game for trying new desserts, so I told her to surprise me. Cinnamon was the winner. I expected to taste a Red Hot/cinnamon gum-intense flavor, instead, I tasted a more subdued cinnamon and cream, but still rich and sweet. It emulated a Cinnabon. I was amazed. I will definitely be going back for more.

I also asked to take a sample of the chocolate mint cayenne. A nice kick after a smooth and bold chocolate flavor. That might be the next scoop I’ll get when I’m in the shop.

After snapping photos for the TOL Instagram and blog, I walked over to the gelato counter and got some pistachio to-go. Equally as fantastic as the cinnamon.

The Sweet Spot is perfect for a date night dessert, family outing, baseball team celebration, “just because” treat, and everything in between. I highly recommend you visit the shop now that the weather is (finally) getting warm. Enjoy a cold treat while you celebrate the beginning of spring and summer.

I did not taste test all of the flavors so I’d love to know which is your go-to treat! Respond below to share your gelato must-have. Maybe The Sweet Spot will bring your favorite flavor to the event?

In GOOD FOOD and community,